EGP ECO does one thing and one thing only. We make water work much more efficiently. Our environmentally-friendly, patented products BaseBuilder®, DustHawk®, FireKyll®, and WaterGold® save money, resources, time, and lives—all while significantly reducing the amount of water needed for construction projects, fire extinguishment, and crop irrigation. Click on each product below to learn more.
BaseBuilder® is a powerful, watersaving solution that causes water to rapidly and uniformly penetrate soil, thereby minimizing hydration by binding soil and roadway based particles together. Even in the harshest climates and conditions, BaseBuilder® will help you to conserve water, improve work conditions, reduce dust, and reduce wait time. This means faster and more efficient jobs, cost-savings, and a more profitable bottom line.
Developed by firefighters for firefighters, university and UL tested, FireKyll®, is both a Class A and Class B foam that quickly and safely extinguishes a wide range of fire types. FireKyll® is saving property and lives, and changing the way firefighters fight fires. It is a self-agitating, non corrosive, non-toxic, pH neutral, environmentally-safe foam that outperforms its competitors in test after test.
Proven to create healthier and more efficient work-sites, DustHawk® reduces evaporation while increasing moisture levels in sand and soil. The patented formula is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to maximize retention of water within the top layer of sand and soil where dust is generated, decreasing the demands for water, saving money, and creating healthier worksites.
A triple-action, hybrid wetting agent, WaterGold® is one of the highest performing, water-saving agricultural agents in the world. University tested and approved, WaterGold® is an environmentally-safesurfactant, humectant, and root penetrant that reduces irrigation watering requirements while proven to also increase crop yield.

About Us

EGP Eco is dedicated to making a difference in our world. Through a collection of environmentally-friendly technologies that maximize the effectiveness of water, EGP Eco’s portfolio of high-performing patented products reduces water consumption, reduces air pollution, and improves fire suppression. Let EGP Eco help you to improve your team’s performance, while also helping the environment and reducing costs!


TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY STUDY WaterGold® extends the amount of time between irrigations by up to 14% in clay soil and up to 35% in sandy loam soil. It is a safe and beneficial product to use for vegetable crop production.”​ JOHN J. SLOAN, PHD

I would highly recommend the environmentally safe product for all types of fires. I know it saves time and water. I think all fire departments need to have FireKyll® at their disposal.​ Jimmy Goree, Fire Chief

TERRA-MAR INC./U.S. LABORATORIES INC. STUDY BaseBuilder® reduces the amount of water that is needed to be added to process and compact the crushed concrete flexible base by about two thirds of the amount required for “water only”. BaseBuilder® reduces the average rate of moisture loss and the average amount of moisture loss to about one-half of that measured for “water only”.​